Faculty & Staff Information

Bryant's student email system is transitioning to Google Apps for Education on March 8th.  This transition is occurring so that the University can provide students with a more powerful and robust email system and give them access to a variety of powerful collaborative tools - all while saving University resources.


The core Google Apps for Education package includes the following:


Gmail – 7GB of storage, protection against spam and viruses, built-in IM, voice and video chat, IMAP and POP message access, and more.

Google Calendar – Share calendars and schedule people, groups, rooms and resources easily, even from mobile devices.
Google Talk – Free instant messaging, calling (VOIP), voicemail and file transfer.
Google Docs – Create and share a variety of online documents, from word processing and spreadsheets to forms and presentations and survey tools.
Google Sites – Effortlessly build shared websites that include videos, images, gadgets and documents.



In addition to the core applications, a wide variety of other tools are available (see www.google.com/intl/en/options/ to get an idea).


Although only students will be getting Bryant Google accounts, it is hoped that faculty and staff members will make use of these tools - as appropriate and desired - as well.  A number of presentations, demonstrations, videos and tutorials will be available - beginning with the Faculty Teaching Tools Sandbox scheduled for March 15th - that will discuss the various applications and how others are using them in the classroom.  Staff specific sessions will be announced via email.


Keep an eye on this page... it will provide links and updates as the semester continues.  In the mean time, faculty and staff questions concerning the move to Google can be addressed to David Gannon at dgannon@bryant.edu.