Top 10 Reasons For Using Google Apps
10. Find important e-mail messages quickly and easily

With Gmail, you only have to know what you're looking for, not who sent an e-mail or when.


9.  Dig out from under the spam

You have enough to do without having to pick through your inbox to find your "real" e-mail.


8.  Get e-mail from your other accounts

Gmail lets you check your e-mail regardless of where it's delivered.


7.  Chat inside your e-mail

With Google Talk in your Gmail, you don't need to open (yet) another application.

6.  Get organized

Your calendar can send you automatic reminders for whatever it is you need to do.


5.  Work from any computer

With Google Docs, your papers are automatically saved and stored online, so you can access them anywhere you have an Internet connection.


4.  Beat the "freshman 15" together

Schedule a workout on your calendar - and your friend's.


3.  Take your club to the next level

Create a public calendar of events that anyone at school can see on their own calendars.

Check back next week for the last 2 reasons!