In September, Bryant announced that Google Apps Education Edition had been selected to replace the current student email system at the beginning of the Spring semester.  The change will bring a number of advantages including:


  • Google Calendar:  Save and share appointments and meetings
  • Google Docs: Create and save documents for real-time collaborative group assignments
  • Google Talk: Integrated chat for one-on-one audio and video teleconferencing
  • Mobile Access: Check email from cell phones and mobile devices
  • Increased Storage:  Up to 7 GB of online email storage
  • Spam protection & email forwarding
  • And lots more!


The initial announcement had stated that all students would be getting a new email address in the form of username@u.bryant.edu instead of the standard username@bryant.edu.  A number of concerns were raised with this change including the fact that many students already had resumes and applications out with their current email address listed as their point of contact.  These concerns were taken under consideration and research was conducted to find a process which would allow students to maintain their current email address. 
We are happy to announce that students will keep their current Bryant email address when the change-over to Google takes place.  The only downside to this procedure is that it will take a little longer to set up, so the official change to Google mail for students will not take place until Spring break 2011.


Additional information and resources will be available in January.  We’ll fully describe the applications which will be available with the new email system, have on-line instructions and tutorials to make the March change seamless, and offer a number of games and prizes to help launch the Google system at Bryant…stay tuned!
An excellent overview of Bryant's move toward Google appears in the December 3rd edition of The Archway, and can be found here: http://goo.gl/D6uTV