Making the Switch...

The following are the steps you should follow for a successful shift to Bryant's G-mail (follow the links below for further instructions):




1.  Enroll into your account on


Once the shift to Gmail takes place, this site will be your one stop location to change your Active Directory (AD) password - the password you currently use for your email, Blackboard and the Bryant Portal.   Click here for full instructions on registering for the site.


2.  Decide what email you wish to keep and move to your new Gmail account.


As time permits, move any email you wish to keep into your Outlook inbox (the  automated process for moving your email from your old account to your new Gmail account - which is described below - will only move mail which is in your Outlook Inbox - not from any other folder).  This would be a great time to delete all those unwanted messages as well.


Tuesday, March 8th


3. Relax!


Hit the beach, enjoy some time with friends/relatives, take a nap, catch up on some school work (well, maybe not).  Throughout the day, the Bryant Gmail team will be actively converting and testing your accounts.   Please refrain from using your account this day.


Wednesday, March 9th - Ready to Roll!


4. Synchronize your password.


Now that your Gmail is ready to go, the first thing you will want to do is synchronize your Bryant and Gmail passwords.  Although you do not need to do this to  directly access your mail through Bryant's portal site, you must do this before you can access your mail on your phone and before you can access some of the services associated with your account.    Click here for full instructions on synchronizing your Bryant and Google accounts.


5. Log in to your new email system.


All new email will be arriving into your new Gmail inbox.  To access your new Gmail account, you can access it directly through Bryant's portal ( or through





6. Set up your mobile device.


To set up your new Bryant Gmail on your Smartphone, follow the instructions based on your phone:


In addition, if you use desktop Outlook, use the following instructions to access your Gmail via Outlook:


7. Move the mail you want to keep from your old Outlook account to your new Gmail account.


Until the end of April, your old email will still be available via your Outlook account (you will still be able to log into that account  the same way you always have -  Click here for instruction on how to move your old email to your Gmail account.  Be sure everything you want is out of your Outlook account by the end of April.  After that date, it will no longer be available!



8. Move other data as desired.


Although the above procedure will move your mail, it will NOT move anything else (Calendar entries, Contact information, etc).  You will need to manually replicate these items in your Gmail account.  Note: if the contacts on your phone are linked to your Bryant Outlook account, they will disappear when the Outlook account is disabled at the end of April!  Be sure to replicate the contacts into your Gmail account and then link those to your phone before then.


9. Learn more about your new accounts features and services.


Be sure to check on a regular basis for additional information on the tools included with your new account and some ideas for using them at Bryant.


10. Getting Help


If you run into problems, you should first check the Gmail online help.  Do this by clicking the "round gear" in the upper right corner of your mail window, then clicking Mail help.






If you can't solve your problem there, then please contact Bryant's Laptop Central at or 6550.