Enroll in the Bryant Password Reset Site

1.  Go to the website http://reset.bryant.edu.




2. Click the <Enroll into Password Self Service> button.

3. To enroll in the system, enter your username and current password, and then click <Continue>.  If you have forgotten your password, contact Laptop Central to reset it.




4.  In the future, when you wish to change or reset your password, the system must be able to verify your identity.  To do this, you will select 4 questions and provide the answers.  When you later attempt to change/reset your password, you will be presented with two of the questions and will need to provide correct answers. 


To set up the questions, click the down pointing arrow to the right of the text field next to each question number and select a question.  Provide the answer to the question in the Answer text field. Repeat the answer in the Confirm text field.  Continue to provide the information for all four questions.  When done, click the <Enroll> button.




5. If all went well, you will be enrolled into the self-service system.  Click <Close>.




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