Transferring Your Old Email

Your old Bryant email account will be permanently deleted  at the end of April, so you will have plenty of time to move any email you wish to keep from your old account to your new one. 


If you don’t have any old email in your account that you want to save, then there’s nothing more for you to do and you can simply enjoy your new Google account.


If, however, you do have email you wish to keep from the old account, you will need to transfer it to your new Google account before the deadline.  The steps for transferring your messages from the old account to the new account are as follows:


This procedure will only move those messages that are in your Outlook Inbox.  If you have created folders in your old Bryant account and moved messages to those folders, you will need to move all mail you wish to save into the old account’s Inbox.   


Once you’ve done that, sign into your Google account; click the round "gear" symbol in the upper right corner, then click the Mail settings link.

This will present the Settings options which gives you full control over the “look, feel and behavior” of your account.




Click the Accounts link on the Settings page, then click Add a mail account you own.

Enter your old email address in the following format: (Note the word mail)  Then click the Next Step button.

On the following form, enter your password. 

Click the Add Account button.


The final window will ask if you wish to be able to send outgoing email from Google through your old Bryant account.  Since your old account will be deleted, the answer is obviously no.




Click the Finish button.


Your old mail will now be transferred to your new account.  Depending on the number of messages you are transferring, the process may take several hours to complete.



After a few days, once you’re sure all of your old email has been transferred to your new account, you’ll want to disconnect the old account from the new account.


To do this, click on Mail settings, and then Accounts as described above.  Within the “Get mail from other accounts” option, click the delete link.



You will be asked to confirm your decision…





 … click the OK button.




If you run into any problems with the transfer procedure, please contact Bryant’s Laptop Central at



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